Monday, 15 February 2010

Once you are happy, happy things will happen to you

Love Magazine: Fashion & Fame

Somewhere Between Heaven and Woolworth's: Brian Pattern

She keeps kingfishers in their cages
And goldfish in their bowls,
She is lovely and is afraid
Of such things as growing cold.

She's had enough men to please her
Though they were more cruel than kind
And their love an act in isolation,
A form of pantomime.

She says she has forgotten
The feelings that she shared
At various all-night parties
Among the couples on the stairs,

For among the songs and the dancing
She was once open wide,
A girl dressed in denim
With boys dressed in lies.

She's eating roses on toast with tulip butter,
Praying for her mirror to stay young;
On its no longer guilted surface
This message she has scrawled:

'O somewhere between Heaven and Woolworth's
I live I love I scold,
I keep kingfishers in their cages
And goldfish in their bowls.'

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  1. Sometimes i think i spend too much time wondering about stuff, i get a bit lost in my skull. I think your blog will help, as you are a like minded person, a fellow crazy, a best friend and i live with you. look forward to your next post.