Sunday, 28 February 2010

I love you

'Never make someone a priority if they only consider you an option'

'I do not care what car you drive where you live. If you know someone who knows someone who knows someone. If your clothes are this years cutting edge. If your trust fund is unlimited. If you are A-list, B-list, or never heard of you list. I only care about the words that flutter from your mind. They are the only thing you truly own. The only thing I will remember you by. I will not fall in love with your bones and skin. I will not fall in love with the places you have been. I will not fall in love with anything but the words that flutter from your extraordinary mind.' (Extraordinary Mind by Andre Jordan)

Just because you feel it doesn't mean it's there (Radiohead)

'Save the earth! It's the only planet that has chocolate.'

'What is going to happen with the rest of your life?'

'It is not a gang without a cool girl!'

'Get dirty. Get filthy. Get poor. Get off your ass. Get desperate. Get dangerous. Get vile. Get romantic. Get moving. Get productive. Get pro-active. Get started. Get your own life. Get doing something. Anything. Because before you know it you're 40 with kids, a mortgage, and responsibilities that cause your fun to come second. So before cancer, before children, before 50 hour work weeks, before back and knee problems, before school loans, before you lose your sense of humor...


Fight and run and smile. Smile because the older you get, the less you will so yes bitching and whining and worry never made anything better. You are what you have.'

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