Sunday, 11 March 2012

the best feelings in the world

sleeping in late
being liked/loved back
hugs that last for more than a minute
first swim of the summer
a smile from someone special
laughing till your stomach hurts
getting unexpected gifts
not remembering when you last cried
when he texts you first
looking at pictures from when you were little
living up to someone's expectations
when someone tells you they never want to lose you
knowing you are loved
being called beautiful
finding those jeans that fir perfectly
finally eating the food you were craving for
waking up and realizing you have hours to sleep
making a stranger smile
putting on pjs after wearing jeans all day
when little kids draw you pictures
making new friends
being told someone is ok
when someone tells you you smell nice
listening to your favoutite song
receiving a hand written letter
falling asleep to the rain
getting a friendship bracelet
packing for a holiday
perfectly pealing off a price sticker

knowing you will be ok

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