Saturday, 3 April 2010

Record all of your dreams

Record all of your dreams, on paper or in memory, put them on your bookshelf with your seashell collection <3

2010 is going so fast! still, so many nice things have happened already..

We won the pub quiz at the Marquis

Stayed out all night in London and saw Buckingham Palace at 7am from a taxi

Got a lift from the party bus in London

Got in the sex pit at Emily's party with 4 other people

Had a den party for my birthday and drank bucks fizz with all my favourite people

Had an emotional reunion with Emily at Amsterdam train station

Got a lift on Emily's bike in Amsterdam

Got flowers from a secret valentine

Drove to Slough with Kirsty, and then Thorpe Park

Dressed up in fencing outfits with Saz, walked down Hook road in them and scared Phil

Held a fencing sword up to a policeman in our garden

Spent the day at a crazy house doing a photoshoot

Booked a room in the Marriott Hotel for a day

Got a Reading festival ticket

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