Sunday, 27 August 2017


your first love gets you raw and open and naive and strong. your first love gets the secrets that you never even knew you were meant to keep buried away. your first love teaches you that love isn't about reckless kissing and hands all over the place, that it's actually about learning and understanding and compromise and feeling so happy you might explode. your first love takes you to the mountain tops and the stars there are more spectacular than any you've ever seen. your first love sits with you until your head finds a home in the crevice between their neck and shoulder. 
your first love teaches you loneliness, teaches you about endings and goodbyes and emptiness. your first love makes breaking an arm sound like a walk in the park. your first love promises that they won't forget and you believe them until you see them kissing someone else on the street that you used to meet. 
your first love makes you bitter. 
and your second love makes that bitterness go away 

ruts are unavoidable, just get out of them asap

uncertainty is a part of life 

later baby, later 

forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn't know before you learned it 

you keep coming back just to make sure i can't recover 

it's better to know it was wrong than to think it could have been right 

i wish that i had never met you 

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