Sunday, 9 October 2016

thanks for the butterflies

just let go. let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness 

love me without complexities and get lost in the creases of my hands. love me for a week, for a day, or for hours. i am not one to care for time

you must hold the people you love in such a way that they are free. let them fly away. let them wander. the right ones always come back to you.

your energy introduces you before you even speak 

go. go for it. when you hear those whispers coming from the heart it's time to dive in. there are a thousand reasons why it wouldn't work out, but all you need is one reason why it will

when they looked at each other, they knew they had found what had been missing for so long

i suppose there may be a hundred different ways of being in love 

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